• Karen Abramyanc

Augmented Reality for Architectural 'Makeovers'

Updated: Mar 3, 2020

AR presents many creative possibilities for re-imagining our urban landscape. From integrating yet-to-be-built virtual buildings into the city skyline, to applying a digital facelift over existing buildings in order to visualize comprehensive renovations. Our reskinning AR solution can even be used to restore cultural sites to their original glory!

For these use-cases to be truly believable and functional, two important conditions must be met:

  • 'Hollywood-grade' computer graphics are essential in order to match virtual, computer generated architecture with the surrounding urban landscape.

  • Precision tracking and occlusion of the urban landscape is necessary for a seamless and smooth AR experience.

LightStream's novel graphics pipeline can leverage Visual Effects workflows for use in real-time AR apps. This allows for cinematic-quality compositing in real-time AR applications -- even on low-powered smartphones.

Using LightStream, archeological sites can be digitally restored in captivating detail