• Karen Abramyanc

Virtual 'Reskinning' for Interior Design Modifications

Updated: Mar 16, 2020

The apartment & condominium industry continues to grow worldwide. Showroom mock-up interiors are often used to give buyers a preview of how their new apartment or condo will look once built. Beyond the default interior configuration, buyers will often want to modify or upgrade the design of their new home. However, it is impractical to create different showroom mock-ups for all the possible design configurations available. Augmented Reality can be used to great effect to help buyers try out different design schemes by replacing or reskinning physical mock-ups with virtual design modifications.

Bottega's LightStream technology allows for the seamless augmentation of physical interior spaces with photo-real, computer generated design elements. This is a far more effective method for upselling interior design modifications than simply showing a buyer a magazine catalogue of various finishes, material swatches, appliances, surface types and colors. By using LightStream reskinning technology, real-estate developers can significantly increase sales of interior design upgrades by allowing their customers to see with their own eyes - on location - how their apartment will look with different design configurations.

This type of reskinning augmentation can only be effective if the virtual elements are indistinguishable from the physical ones. LightStream is the only solution on the market that can deliver the realism & precision required to make such an AR experience convincing and thus an effective tool to increase sales.

LightStream can overlay virtual designs onto real-world surfaces to help buyers visualize different design configurations