• Oryan Medina

AR and "Remote Experts" - LightStream Spaces

Updated: May 3, 2020

To all the Designers & Architects Out There:

If you would like to help test our virtual collaboration tools to enhance your design workflow and customer experience, please reach us at info@bottegavfx.com

For AR to garner widespread adoption, it needs to be useful and practical - not just attractive. In other words, it needs to be functional. The acceptance, integration, and widespread use of AR depends on overcoming multiple technological hurdles. But overcoming these hurdles won't be enough: AR will truly shine once it begins to help people in their day to day activities with as little friction as possible.

We are beginning to see functional AR applied to industries such as construction and telemedicine. Now, as we witness the health and economic fallout from a global pandemic, the ability to work remotely will be essential to thriving in the emerging "new economy".

Workflows that traditionally necessitate on-site expertise as well as face-to-face interaction, will need to find ways to engage and collaborate with clients and colleagues remotely. In many scenarios, working remotely from a laptop wont be enough: There will always be situations where an expert needs to be "present" on location with a client (or patient or student) to get the job done.

This is where AR can really have an impact: For example, by layering digital information over our physical spaces, offsite engineers can overlay 3D blueprints and instructions -- in real-time -- onto a construction site in order to guide personnel who are installing piping or laying foundations

Here at Bottega, we are working on an AR powered collaboration platform called LightStream Spaces for interior design and architecture. Our solution enables designers and architects to work with their clients remotely, in real-time. Since LightStream is optimized for high FPS streaming, these professionals can place their 3D designs into the client's living space via any AR capable mobile device as they design and iterate. This facilitates a direct, real-time collaboration between the designer and the client even though they are not physically in the same space.